Moving FAQ's

We have compiled a list of Frequently asked Questions, (FAQS), to answer some general questions about your move. Not every question is the same so make sure you call or email us with anything not covered.

When should I begin looking for a mover?

The earlier the better.  The companies you choose may not be available the day before the move so be sure you pick a date and choose a company as soon as possible.

Will my move cost more on a weekend?

Some companies charge more to move on Saturdays and Sundays but here at Sams Express Moving and Delivery we charge the same rate for a Saturday move as a Monday move.

When is the best time to move?

Keep in mind summer is the busy time of year so the ideal time to move is between the months of September and March.  Sams Express Moving and Delivery is available 24/7.

Do I need someone to come look at my house for an estimate?

Yes! The onsite estimate is an invaluable tool to a moving company. It ensures proper pricing and also ensures the company sends out enough movers and equipment. Any company not willing to perform this basic function should be crossed off your list. We at Sams Express Moving and Delivery consider the onsite estimate the most important tool.

There are so many moving companies to choose from. How do I pick the right one?

  • Be sure your company is local. Too many brokers from over 250 miles away will be bidding on your move. Check with www.sunbiz .org to see where the company is located.
  • Don’t shop by price. This is the biggest mistake people make when looking for a mover. Cheap pricing means cheap product or even hidden fees.
  • Don’t give a deposit. There is no reason to give deposits on local moves. If you change your mind you may lose the deposit depending on the company’s policies.
  • Stay away from “find the cheapest mover” websites. Most companies advertising on these sites are not local and will broker your move out.
  • Get at least three in home estimates. It is the best way to ensure a binding price. It give the mover vital information that will be used on moving day.
  • Get a contract with all upfront fees and “Don not exceed” pricing. A contract is the only document that counts for anything on moving day so be sure you have one in your possession before your move.

Will my move be billed hourly or based on a flat rate?

Most moves will be hourly depending on where you are moving. Typically a local move will be done on an hourly basis and a move going to Miami, for example, will be a flat all inclusive rate. We offer both competitive hourly and flat rates.

How long will my move take?

That all depends on factors like how much you have, what floor you live on, how many stories your house is and most importantly how prepared you are. If you have prepared and everything is boxed up, , and your furniture is clutter free and ready to go than things will go smoothly.

Where can I get boxes and tape?

Sams Express Moving and Delivery provides all packing supplies and offers free delivery as well.

I found a cheap mover online. Who promised my move will take two hours and I won’t pay more than 230 dollars. Why shouldn’t I choose them?

Don’t shop by price and keep in mind most moving companies hire sales professionals who tell you what you want to hear. There is no such thing as a two hour move so be sure you know the hourly rate and all associated fees before you make a decision.

There are so many horror stories about the moving industry. How can I be sure I won’t be “ripped off”?

Do your homework and research the company. Get a contract and be sure it has all the fees that may come up such as fuel charge or travel time. Also be sure it has a “Do not exceed” price. Don’t fall for a cheap price and a sales pitch and stay away from lead aggregators and Craigs List movers.

Why should I choose Sams Express Moving and Delivery?

  • We are well reviewed on Angies List.
  • We are locally owned and operated.
  • We use regular experienced movers not day labor or temps.
  • We collect no deposits or any kind of money until the job is done.
  • We are always willing to give a free onsite estimate.
  • We offer competitive hourly or flat prices.
  • You always get a binding contract with all of our up front pricing.

What form of payment do you accept?

Sams Express Moving and Delivery accepts cash, personal checks, certified checks, Visa, MasterCard and Discover.

Do you have fees for stairs, long walks or mileage?

Our fees are limited to travel time and fuel. We have no additional fees regarding stairs, oversized objects, mileage or long walks.

Do I have to take stuff out of my dresser drawers?

Please be sure to remove all small electronics, money, jewelry and fragile breakable items before moving. Your furniture may be moved with clothes or linens.

Do I have to take my furniture apart?

Sams Express Moving and Delivery performs all disassemblies and reassemblies at your new location.

How should I pack my hanging clothes?

Sams Express Moving and Delivery provides all customers with free use of up to five wardrobe boxes for all of your hanging garments.